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Innovative Music Lessons"

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words
and that which cannot remain silent.”
Victor Hugo

Music is about more than just reading notes off a page. Music involves, feeling, self expression, aesthetics, flow, emotion, movement, centeredness, and most importantly connecting with self and others.

  • solid body mechanics,
  • practical understanding of music theory (based on physics)
  • to read
  • to improvise - to feel your own inner flow and play that on your instrument
  • to compose
  • to be musically responsive
  • to collaborate with others
  • to understand music through their own feeling and movement

    Learning music skills is important: reading, writing, sight singing, counting, composition, theory.
    I use multiple modalities to teach the fundamental understanding and language of music - this understanding can then apply to any instrument.

    For Individuals:

    Drum set
    Hand drums
    Electronic Music ( Studio 1, Ableton Live, Protools, Garageband, Sibelius.)

    For Groups:

    Group Drumming

    Enrichment through Music
    Music and Movement

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the youngest age that you teach?

There are many differant factors- maturity of child, how involved a parent wants to be. I find 4 year olds can generally start having productive lessons.

How important is practice at home?

For some kids, practicing alone is quite frustrating and unproductive. For some families, I recommend that the child practices to accompany a parent doing a chore such as washing dishes or folding clothes. Their practice is then being of service. For some children, I use various computer based feedback games. This greatly regularly of practice.

Teaching at:

Montessori Middle School, Norwalk.

Weston Westport Cooperative Nursery School.

Temple Sholom Preschool, Greenwich, CT.

Christ Church Preschool, Greenwich, CT.

KEYS Program Roosevelt Elementary School, Bridgeport, CT.

Horizons at Green Farms Academy, Westport, CT.

Chabad of Riverdale.


M.A. in Expressive Therapies, Lesley College;

B.A. in Music and Psychology, WCSU;

Certified Music For People Teacher;

Certified in Nurtured Heart Approach

Certified "Drumbeat" instructor- (Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Attitude and Thoughts); African Drumming;

Taiko Drumming;