Maker Music

Music For Social Emotional Development

A curriculum that uses music to develop:

Community Building
Emotional Intelligence
Social awareness and responsiveness
Physical grace and embodiment
Sensory motor integration
Artistic sensibility and self expression

This curriculum is for:

Treatment centers
After school programs
Day care centers

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this curriculum differant from other programs?

This a curriculum that emphasizes integration. We use gross and fine motor movement to learn and incorporate the understanding of the music.
This process involves a neurologic and psycho-physiologic understanding- addressing how our emotional state affects our perception and performance of music.
The practise is also about how we relate to others. The integrity of our expression and our receptivity to other(s) as the basis of creating true harmony.
Once students have concrete experiences of music- we can use the learning and metaphorically address higher concerns.

Do you work with reading music notation?

A strength of this approach is we develop a strong sense of reading by arriving at reading by starting with concrete physical learning and then representing that experience in a transitional notation system.